Testimonials from Clients



I wish to thank you for your fast turnaround in producing the report.

I take advantage of this e-mail to point out the excellent work performed by the inspectors who proceed with the inspection of the building I was about to buy. Both inspectors, Denny Melo and Sébastien Méthot, were very meticulous in their work. Together, they accomplished an excellent job. They ended up finding several elements that – should I have bought the building – would have forced me to undertake works of astronomical cost.

Thanks to their work, I was able to carry out the negotiation knowing exactly what I could expect. The owners ended up refusing our new offer (to my great relief, I must confess), and we withdrew our offer which, in my opinion, was the best thing that could have happened. Our real estate agent told me over the phone that it was a pity that I had to pay $1,000.00 to end up buying nothing. I replied that I had invested $1,000.00 to know exactly what I was about to buy, and that the results were worth every penny spent.

In short, thank you very much. When I need an inspection again – and there will be one – please rest assured that I will call upon Denny and Sébastien.

Thank you again for everything.

– Manouane Beauchamp


Good afternoon,
I just had to send a quick email to let you know that we just finished our home inspection with Sylvan TassĂ©, and I couldn’t have been happier with our experience. He answered all of our questions and really took his time to make sure we understand everything that needed to be done on the house. He is phenomenal at his job and we would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection in the future. Also Peter who set up the appointment was incredibly nice and informative.
Thank you very much for a great experience on our first home 🙂

– April S


Thank you Debbie,
The inspector was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. Please thank him again on my behalf.

– Jesse


Good afternoon Sebastien
Thank you for the inspection yesterday. We appreciated your thoroughness and professionalism

– Marc F


Thank you for forwarding report yesterday.
Please pass on my thanks to Adrian for a job well done.
Should I have any questions will be in touch.

– Clive


Thank you for the report. Everything looks very good.
Just wanted to add that the inspector, Normand Despins, was very professional, helpful, informative and was able to give us good answers for every question we asked.
Thanks again,

– Howard


Hi Denny,
Nice seeing you today. That was a great inspection you did! My clients are totally and completely satisfied with your service and very happy with my recommendation.

– Diana


Marc, Sebastien and Debbie,
Thank you for the fast and professional service!!

– Fred


I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt report and Thank you to Adrian, he was very professional and answered all our questions.

– Marc


I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that I was extremely impressed with Normand’s professionalism, knowledge and people skills. He was pleasant, respectful and reassuring which is necessary for a first time buyer. I would not hesitate to recommend Normand to anyone from a first time to a more experienced buyer. He made this whole confusing process enjoyable.

– Danielle


Good Day Normand,
Many thanks to your professionalism. Please do not change your approach. You git it!!! AmeriSpec is lucky to have you on their team!

– Ardy


We are very pleased with the service received today at the inspection from Mr. Normand Despins. He was thorough, clear, professional and very helpful throughout the entire process.

– Justin


Thank you again for your awesome inspection and taking the time to educate us about its ins and outs, it was a great experience!

– Kim H.


Thank you for the inspection report. We appreciate Mr. Melo professionalism and value AmeriSpec as an excellent inspection company.

– Jingwei


Thank you kindly for the inspection report, we were very happy to work with Marc and the AmeriSpec team for a second month in a row.

– Justin


Thank you!
I’d like to say that Denny was very thorough and very kind.
If there is a way to note customer satisfaction in his file, please do so.
It’s rare I meet someone so friendly and professional.

– Jason


We had our inspection done today and, just to let you know, we were extremely impressed with Normand. He was polite, professional and exceptionally friendly. As a first-time buyer, I was not sure what to expect; I am extremely pleased with Normand’s service.
Thank you

– Harley


The intent of this letter is to extend our gratitude for assigning Mr. Normand Despins for our home inspection.
Mr. Normand Despins carried out the inspection with utmost thoroughness and completeness, and most importantly with honesty. As buyers, the search/purchase of a home can be stressful but Mr. Despins’ fun & friendly attitude and attention to detail really made us feel at ease and answered all of our questions, even the ones we did not know we should had asked. If we had to rate his services, 0 being extremely not satisfied and 10 being extremely satisfied, we would rate him a solid 100. And although we have no doubt in mind that you have a great team of home inspectors, we would definitely choose AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services again and recommend to our peers, solely if Mr. Normand Despins would be assigned.

– Fontana & Daniel


Hi Debbie, Thank you for sending Norman. He was fantastic ! I will recommend your service to others.

– Cathy


Thank you very much. The inspection was thorough and comprehensive. Normand Despins was/is very professional and I will highly recommend his and AmeriSpec services in future.

– Gwen


Denny was great … a truly professional and respectfully man, he knows his stuff and I appreciate all is work… please make sure management knows about it

– Mano


Thanks Evelyn, Adrian was awesome!

– Steve


You got an great team!! A very big thank you to Peter ,Debby and Normand Despins. Thank You very much everyone, you were a great help.

– Emanuele


I couldn’t be happier with the services of Gary Wolf. He took the time to explain everything to me, and made me feel confident in the house I’m going to purchase… Thank you Allan for your excellent and professional services… I will definitely refer your services to people I know that are looking to buy a house..

– Jimmy


Hi Adrian,

I would like to thank you for inspecting my new house yesterday. Your experience and knowledge are exceptional and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to explain to me in details the most important areas of the house. I value your expertise and all the advice you gave me.

Again, thank you so much for your help.

– Blanca


Hi Evelyn,

Thank you for the great timeline on the results of this inspection.  I would like to add that I was very well impressed with Normand, his professional attitude, explanations and careful attention to detail surprised and pleased me.  As a Project Manager myself, impressing me is not an easy task.  Plus Normand had a great sense of humour which is always an added bonus. Thanking you all once again for a job very well executed. ‘Teamwork’.


– Liz


Thank you Evelyn!

And a big thank you to Marc, he was very professional; we’ll definitely recommend you to our friends.


– Silviu


Hi Evelyn, It was such a pleasure to have such a nice guy come to inspect the condo. Adrian was professional and a real pleasure to meet.

Thanks again,

– Robert


On January 31st, 2015, my girlfriend and I enlisted Denny Melo of AmeriSpec to conduct an inspection of a home we are in the process of purchasing. To be quite honest, this was a step that we were very nervous about. We are both first time home buyers with little to no experience in home maintenance or repair, and as such our biggest concern was being able to understand the inspection process. From the moment we arrived at the home for the inspection and met our inspector, Denny Melo, we were instantly put at ease. Denny did an absolutely amazing job in guiding us through the process of the home inspection, taking the time to explain to us what he was looking for along the way and, whenever needed, explaining to us his findings in a way that was easy to understand and not the least bit overwhelming.

I was so impressed by Mr. Melo’s professionalism and friendly demeanor that I was compelled to reach out to AmeriSpec and write this email. I think it is of great value for any company to have people of this nature representing them on a daily basis and it is for this reason that I thought it important to bring it to your attention. I don’t think I can thank Mr. Melo enough for making at least one part of this whole process just a bit easier for us. He will definitely be our point of referral for anyone asking us if we know any good, trustworthy home inspectors.

Thanks again from two extremely satisfied customers,

-Steven & Kathleen


Un gros merci Ă  vous – ce fut un plaisir de travailler avec Normand

– David


Hi Adrian, 

Thanks for your help today on Sundale – it’s appreciated. I’ve seen some inspectors scare the “poop” out of buyers for the smallest and most trivial details. It’s good to work with people who are down to earth. I’ll keep your cards with me when I’m with buyers.

– Jason Rodgers


In almost all of our monthly commercial meetings, the name of Allen Fox and AmeriSpec comes up as the example of the best process and partnership we have across Canada. I’m taking this opportunity to thank you, on behalf of The Brick Commercial Division, for your great professionalism and all you are doing to keep this process in place.

– Michel Beetz


Thank you for the quick reply regarding the inspection. I do really appreciate your business. I would like to thank personally your inspector, Gary Wolf. He is a good specialist who gives your company a good reputation and high value. It’s always a pleasure to deal with such professional people.

– Artak, MontrĂ©al, QuĂ©bec


Thank you for the excellent service and the expertise that Mr. Richard Baker provides.

– Hassan, MontrĂ©al, QuĂ©bec


Richard was amazing and so thorough. Please let Allen Fox know that he has a great guy working for him, and please extend my thanks again to him.

– Kristan, MontrĂ©al, QuĂ©bec


I want to express my sincere thanks to Richard Baker for his professional manner, hardworking and good service during the execution of the home inspection yesterday afternoon. Previously, one of my colleagues recommended your company to me, and now, I would recommend your company to others. Thank you again.

– Holly, MontrĂ©al, QuĂ©bec