Welcome to AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service of Montréal, Montérégie & West Montérégie

AmeriSpec Home Inspection Montreal, Monteregie & West Monteregie performs professional, comprehensive and timely home inspections to Montreal and its surrounding areas.

Since opening our office in 1994, AmeriSpec Home Inspection Montreal, Monteregie & West Monteregie has proudly served thousands of homeowners in the community. Whether you’re a homebuyer, seller or real estate agent, our team of highly trained and certified and insured home inspectors have the experience and resources to help you learn more about the complete home inspection process.

Reasons for Homebuyers to Select AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service

When homebuyers are looking to purchase a home, they want to make sure they will receive a professional home inspection from a certified and insured home inspector they can trust. A home inspection can inform homebuyers about the components in and around a house, and can help you learn more about any potential upgrades that may be needed in the future.


A quality home inspection can:

  • Provide you with peace of mind when it comes to the purchase of the property
  • Inform you about any potential investments or repairs you’ll need to make before buying the home
  • Offer you important insight about the condition of your house
  • Decrease the risk of hidden surprises after you have settled into your home

Reasons for Sellers to Select AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service

Discover the value in your home’s strengths, while having plenty of time for attending to its flaws with an AmeriSpec pre-listing inspection. This comprehensive inspection will help you learn more about your home; so, by the time you’re ready to sell, you can make the necessary upgrades and repairs to ensure your home is in great condition, or declare items that need to be attended to by the buyers. It will avoid surprises and likely have an increased resale value!


Before you put your home on the market, a pre-listing home inspection can:

  • Help you sell your home for the best possible price
  • Inform you about any items to be repaired, so they don’t become a problem in the future when you’re trying to close the sale
  • Lessen the risk of last minute surprises which could delay or disrupt a transaction
  • Provide the buyer with an independent, industry accepted home inspection
  • Make it easier for you to sell your home for the best price

Reasons for Real Estate Professionals to Select AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service

Both you and your clients can benefit in a variety of different ways from an AmeriSpec home inspection. Our inspection process will not only provide invaluable details about the condition of a property, but it can also help you and your clients experience a smoother transaction.

An AmeriSpec home inspection offers the following benefits:

  • Certified and insured inspectors conducting inspections by a provincially accepted standards of practice, who are members of a provincial association recognized by L’OACIQ
  • Reduced listing times
  • Increased sales
  • Positive reputation and credibility
  • Reduced buyer’s remorse
  • Less negotiation and minimized risk of unexpected surprises
  • Added value to your clients through AmeriSpec’s exclusive partnerships with The Brick, Aeroplan and more

The AmeriSpec Home Inspection

Your AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service serving Montreal, Monteregie & West Monteregie is a proud franchisee of the AmeriSpec of Canada family. The AmeriSpec home inspection is a visual inspection of over 400 components, including the roof, structural components, foundation, and visible plumbing, mechanical and electrical operating systems in a home.   AmeriSpec customers also receive the comprehensive AmeriSpec Report™, which features valuable tools, resources and exclusive offers for our customers, whether they be sellers or buyers!

Certified Home Inspectors

AmeriSpec Home Inspection Montreal, Monteregie & West Monteregie has a team of highly trained and professional home inspectors that provide comprehensive details about the interior and exterior components of a property. All of our home inspectors have received the best training in the industry and will work hard to make sure you are satisfied with our services. We perform more home inspections than anyone else in QuĂ©bec, and we have the tools and expertise required to help you learn more about a home’s true condition. All inspectors have achieved the highest level of accreditation.


Find out more about our home inspectors here.

Charities We Support

AmeriSpec Montreal is an active member of our community and among the charities we support are:


West Island Palliative Care Residence (WIPCR)

Dedicated to the care of patients during the final days of a terminal illness.


West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped (WIAIH)
Providing support to individuals and families of individuals living with an intellectual handicap or autism, and to children with special needs.

Montreal Children’s Hospital